Henderson County NC Democratic Party

HOW many days remaining until NOVEMBER 3, 2020? Find HERE

NOTE:  the monthly calendar of events is available via “Event” tab above.  

Absentee voting is a two step process:
1) You must request your ballot before October 27th via the “ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST FORM”   HERE.  Fill it out.  Send it in.  Then,

2) A ballot will be sent to you, which you will also need to send in, the
deadline is November 3rd – postmark before 5 pm.

Need more info on the details?  HERE.   All voters are eligible to participate in the 2020 general election and may use this form to request an absentee by mail ballot. Decide “Absentee” or “walk-in” voting – you cannot do both.

Need to get REGISTERED to VOTE?
The deadline is October 9th! 
If you 
cannot GO to the BD of ELECTIONS to register THAT is OK!  You can register or change party affiliations, SAFELY, from HOME.
FIND the qualifications and THE form to mail-in here: https://www.hendersoncountync.gov/elections/page/registering-vote

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US CENSUS needs YOU to “Count”! 
Please find that census reminder under your stack of mail… and please act on it! Our NC funding depends on you doing your part!

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The HCDP positions on:

The current social unrest, Healthcare, the Opioid Crisis,  Environmental/Climate Change, Gerrymandering and Gun Safety
are available on the ISSUES/NEWS page via tab above.

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The HCDP Office ‘hours’ are by appointment only.  Call 828-692-6424 or email info@myhcdp.com at least a day in advance.  Please bring mask and keep social distance.  

If you need assistance during this pandemic, please call 828-692-6424 (your call will be forwarded to volunteers) or call the NC Helpline:  2 – 1 – 1.  

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The Henderson County Democratic Party (HCDP) represents values such as democracy for all, education, living wages, and affordable healthcare in Henderson county.  HCDP works directly with each of our 35 voting precincts to connect with voters, promote our platform, and support qualified Democratic candidates in our area.

“Of… by… and for the people…” of Henderson County.


1216 6th Avenue West
Suite 600 (back of building)
Hendersonville, NC 28739
Call Us At (828) 692-6424
Office hours by appointment only – request by calling or by email.