Henderson County NC Democratic Party

The Henderson County Democratic Party (HCDP) represents values such as democracy for all, education, living wages, and affordable healthcare in Henderson county.  HCDP works directly with each of our 35 voting precincts to connect with voters, promote our platform, and support qualified Democratic candidates in our area.

Of, by, and for the people of Henderson County.

The Annual Precinct meetings were held March 6-20, BUT! it is not too late to help your precinct.  Please call 828-692-6424 to get contact information for your precinct. Precinct leaders are needed in 12 precincts!  Please see which precincts and more info on how to help HERE.

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See our current office hours and contact info below.
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HCDP announces its new 2021-23 Executive OFFICERS! Please find them HERE
…and their candidate-statements HERE.

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The People’s Act passed the US House as HR-1! It is now IN the Senate as S-1 where it will get resistance from the GOP who do not want to restore ethics, fair voting and more.  NOW, please email or call our Senators to tell them they should help to strengthen DEMOCRACY by voting “YES” to HR1:

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Check out the new “Food for Thought” feature HERE on Events Page!
Let’s help local Henderson County businesses:  


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Read our HCDP Issue positions on:
The fight for Democracy must Continue!

Concerns about our NC#11 US House Rep, M. Cawthorn (R) and action available.

Concerns Americans share and GOP legislators ignore.

Blue Wave time – Volunteer Opportunities!

HCDP Position on social unrest.

Health Care in Henderson County.

The Opioid Crisis in Henderson County.

The Henderson County Concern for the Environment.

The HCDP on Gerrymandering and Voting rights.

The HCDP on Gun Safety.

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To receive our twice-monthly HCDP E-NEWS, please subscribe via the small envelope BELOW… just above the ‘copyright’ info.
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WELCOME! to the Democratic Party of Henderson County NC !
The HCDP (Henderson County Democratic Party) would like you to know a few things about you, if you feel comfortable. HCDP email:  info@myhcdp.com – you could tell us:  (for example):
-Your name and address (which will tell us your precinct).
-Why you have registered as a Democrat now (new to Henderson County? switched parties? a new voter? Or ?)
-What do you want us to know about you?  (Would you want to volunteer?
What are your concerns about the future of the Democratic Party?  What can we do better? Other concerns
? )
-What would you like to know about HCDP or the Democratic Party?