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HOW many days remaining until NOVEMBER 3, 2020? Find HERE

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You can get the “Absentee Ballot Request Form” here:

#1 Step

get the form at the Bd of Elections office:  75 E. Central St., Hendersonville NC  28792.  M- F: 8:30am – 5 pm​ (you can fill it out while there!)
CALL Bd of Elections staff – to have it mailed – (828) 697-4970

Fill it out, then:   
Take it to: Bd of Elections, 75 E. Central St., 28792; M- F: 8:30am – 5 pm,
Mail it to:  Bd of Elections, PO Box 2090, Hendersonville, NC 28793
For 2020 election: You may scan or photograph the completed form, then email it to: vorr@hendersoncountync.gov or hcelections@hendersoncountync.gov
(acknowledgement of electronic version will be sent.)

Deadline:  Request your ballot before October 27th via


#2 Step

in ABSENTEE VOTING:  A voting ballot will be sent to you after Sept. 4; fill it out, have ONE witness.  Then:
Mail ballot back to: Bd of Elections, PO Box 2090, Hendersonville, NC 28793 – before 5 pm (postmark) on November 3rd. It will need 2 stamps
OR: Deliver it yourself or ‘near’ relative to:  One-stop/Early voting site.  (You should not have to wait in line.)
OR: Deliver it yourself or ‘near’ relative to: 75 E. Central St., 28792; M- F: 8:30am – 5 pm, and before 5 pm on NOV. 3.  

**********  Do NOT wait… send or deliver EARLY  ***********


Need more details on absentee voting? Find HERE.
NOTE:  All voters are eligible to participate in the 2020 general election and may use this form to request an absentee by mail ballot.
Decide “Absentee” or “walk-in” voting – you cannot do both.

CANDIDATES… WHO are your candidates?
Voting can begin by Absentee Ballot on September 4th!
Are YOU ready?   Who will you vote for?  
HERE are YOUR Democratic Party local and state candidates.
Please share this PDF with friends, neighbors!
*See below voting calendar. 

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Need to REGISTER to VOTE?    The deadline is October 9th.  It will close, then reopen (with valid ID) for “One-Stop Early Voting” on October 15th.   If you cannot GO to the BD of ELECTIONS to register THAT is OK!
You can register or change party affiliations, SAFELY, from HOME.
FIND the qualifications and mail-in form HERE.  

The League of Women Voters has OUTDOOR voter registrations planned.
Please view info HERE.  Read editorial from Times-News HERE.

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NEWS FLASH!  8/11/20: 
The NC State Board of Elections Released Two Documents today:
FAQs: Voting by Mail in North Carolina in 2020.  NCBoE release 8.11.20

State Board Releases FAQs on Absentee by Mail Voting in North Carolina.  NCBoE.absentee info 8.11.20

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Voting Calendar and Registration dates for General Election (11/3):

Note:  “One stop” means registration & voting at same time – with valid ID.  


Sept. 4: Absentee voting begins.

Oct. 9: Voter registration deadline (‘live’, online or by mail).

Oct. 15: “One-stop”, EARLY voting begins.  M-F: 8am – 7:30 pm.
Saturdays:  Oct 17 & 24: 8am -6pm
Oct 31:  8am – 3pm

Oct. 27: Absentee voting REQUEST form deadline – Bd of Elections.

Oct. 31: “One-stop”, EARLY voting ends.

Nov. 3:  General election day. Absentee ballots must be postmarked before 5 pm if mailed.  If ballots are hand-delivered by voter themselves or near-relative, they need to be at BoE office by 5:00 pm. 

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***On July 29th, the NC Appeals Court Judge Candidates held a Town Hall via Zoom for us and Buncombe county. 
If you want to get to know these wonderful candidates BEFORE you vote… HERE is your answer!   Remember:  Justice begins locally.
Youtube contents (100 min.), if you only have 20 minutes – see the introductions.      

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US CENSUS needs YOU to “Count”! 
Please find that census reminder under your stack of mail… and please act on it! Our NC funding depends on you doing your part!  Call Center: 301-763-INFO (4636) or 800-923-8282

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NCDP is actively recruiting volunteers to help our efforts to protect the right to vote across the state. These volunteers will be trained to serve as:

  • Precinct-level poll observers (at their county of residence)
  • Outside poll observers (can be from out of state)
  • Legal boiler room volunteer attorneys
  • Voter Protection Hotline operators
  • Voter Protection phone- and text-bankers

In addition, the North Carolina State Board of Elections has launched a first-of-its-kind poll worker recruitment program for the 2020 election. Poll workers serve a vital role in the democratic process and local boards are straining to find qualified workers in the midst of the pandemic. If you are interested in serving your community as a “Democracy Hero”, please express your interest to the State Board here.

Share our volunteer survey! Anyone interested in becoming an NCDP Voter Protection volunteer can fill out this survey to get connected.  https://ncdemslive.cp.bsd.net/page/signup/vopro-volunteer-survey

Know a law student passionate about voter protection? Connect them to us – we are looking for law school captains to help recruit law students at NC law schools this summer and fall.

Need to register to vote or know someone who needs help? Share our guide on how to register to vote in North Carolina.  https://www.ncdp.org/register-to-vote/

Intend to vote by mail this year? Share our guide on how to vote by mail – including the absentee ballot request process!  https://www.ncdp.org/vote-by-mail/

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The HCDP positions on:
The current social unrest, Healthcare, the Opioid Crisis,  Environmental/Climate Change, Gerrymandering and Gun Safety
are available on the ISSUES/NEWS page via tab above.

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The HCDP Office ‘hours’ are by appointment only.  Call 828-692-6424 or email info@myhcdp.com at least a day in advance.  Please bring mask and keep social distance.  

If you need assistance during this pandemic, please call 828-692-6424 (your call will be forwarded to volunteers) or call the NC Helpline:  2 – 1 – 1.  

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The Henderson County Democratic Party (HCDP) represents values such as democracy for all, education, living wages, and affordable healthcare in Henderson county.  HCDP works directly with each of our 35 voting precincts to connect with voters, promote our platform, and support qualified Democratic candidates in our area.

“Of… by… and for the people…” of Henderson County.


1216 6th Avenue West
Suite 600 (back of building)
Hendersonville, NC 28739
Call Us At (828) 692-6424
Office hours by appointment only – request by calling or by email.