BLUE WAVE TIME for Volunteers!

Dear (prospective) volunteers! 
You are wonderful and so appreciated!  We are blessed with many volunteers coming forward, and we are grateful for your concern and willingness to act for our democracy! 
And don’t forget to donate (any amount) to HCDP or your favorite candidates – vitally important right now.

HCDP Volunteer Opportunities: 

We will take you to the polls, and will bring you home. 
Rides will begin on Oct 15 for early voting, and will run through Election Day. 

  • Persons needing a ride to the polls OR to turn in your absentee ballot (at Bd of Elections – soon) should either call (828-692-6424) or email (  Leave a message if there’s no answer and your call will be returned the same day.  You will be asked if you are going to vote OR simply drop off your completed, witnessed, ballot. Riders will be picked up, taken to their polling location, and safely returned home. When calling to schedule a ride, please indicate if you have special needs or if you require assistance getting into or out of a vehicle. We will match you to the driver and car that will best suit your needs. 
  • Persons who want to drive, should be registered Democrats. Call (828-692-6424) or email (  

    Digital Online HELP WANTED.
    Digital Online Fundraising is HERE NOW… AND IN OUR FUTURE!  We are seeking 3-4  additional persons (some tech savvy for sure) to come aboard the Fund Raising Team (BAACC ) to help decide, to design, to deliver, to do data follow up with our BLUE APPLE ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION CAMPAIGN,  We are a small, fun ongoing group who  enjoys the tasks and each other!  Knowledge in graphics and design, digital emailing, willing phoning, a liking for people, and belief in supporting the HCDP are skills we are seeking to add to our team!   Please Call Nancy 606-5201 

    HCDP Poll Greeters needed:
    In two hour shifts:
    Early voting: Oct. 15-31 @10 am -2 pm  /  and
    Election day: Nov 3 @8 am-6 pm
    Please see details and information HERE

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Other” ways to help voters:

This is work you can do that is truly vital and important.
It should not be understated.  Such as:

Set a goal.  As Michelle Obama said, in 2018 some precinct elections were lost by 2 voters.  Two!  So… please set a goal.  Ask 4 of your friends or relatives:  
Have YOU checked your voter registration? 
Do you have a VOTING PLAN? 
Do you know for whom to register? 
And, lastly, DO you want me to call you on Nov. 3rd to remind you to vote? 
(A big reason young voters do not get the polls is because of their busy schedules, they just forget when it is 11/3.) 

To prepare to assist your friends or family, please read over the HOME page of and the Candidates + Voter FAQS/calendar pages under the “voter Info” page – YOU will be ready with info! 
This activism or volunteering on your part is important(!!) and could make
THE difference.

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-The Board of Elections needs poll-workers. They not only need people “on’ the schedule, they need a back-up list of people in case those assigned have to cancel.  (see Info in A below). 

-The Board of Elections may still need MAT team members (see B below).

NCDP has need for volunteers (see C below).

-Help El Centro reach unregistered Latinex community (see D below).

A. POLL workers.  Call Bd of Elections 697-4970. or here: Precinct officers can be poll workers.  Dates needed:  
M-F: 8am–7:30 pm on Oct. 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.
Sat: 17, 24: 8am -6pm.
Oct 31: 8am-3pm.

B. MAT Teams – what are they?

MAT volunteers will be needed by BOE.  
What is “MAT”??  A Multipartisan assistance team (MAT) may assist any voter in completing an absentee request form, delivering the absentee request form, and serving as a witness for the casting of the absentee ballot. This section expands MAT teams to be able to serve any voter who requests assistance for the November 2020 election. The State Board and DHHS will develop guidance to safely allow MAT teams to assist voters in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living, or other congregation living situations during the general election.  If willing to assist – please contact the Board of Elections or HCDP member, Bettylou who has had experience with this task before: 
BettyLou Wallace

<Bettylou Wallace>

       It’s time to finalize our teams for monitoring early voting and Election Day to check the polls to watch for voter problems. We are under directives from our State Democratic Party to prepare us for this upcoming election season. I attended their initial briefing and we are ready to move, in
Henderson County.
       We will have “few-to-none” outside Greeters unless the precinct has space to socially distance themselves. Each precinct needs to access their location and consider how much trouble you anticipate. This will be handled by someone besides our team.

    Early Voting begins on Thursday, October 15 th and runs until Friday, October 30 th . At this time there are only FOUR early voting locations in Henderson County:

Board of Elections 75 E. Central Street HVL 28792 828-697-4970
Fletcher Town Hall 300 Old Cane Creek Rd 28732 828-687-3985
Flatrock Village 110 Village Center Drive 28731 828-697-0208
Etowah Library 101 Brickyard Rd. 28729 828-891-6577

First, the BOE tells us there will be NO voting at the BOE on election day !! All Henderson County voters will vote at their respective PRECINCT polling locations throughout the county. This means we need LOTS of poll observers in order to properly cover all the precincts on that day.

Our Voter Protection Team will monitor these locations to track and report problems. Our job is to identify problems as soon as they happen and work to fix them ASAP.
Our State Democratic Party will be on hand to direct our concerns and offer assistance. Our Henderson County Team is starting to materialize and we need as many observers as we can get.
Last election was the first time this effort has been utilized in Henderson County and our observers did a great job. We hope you will work with us again this year.
      We will need more people so please ask around within your precinct and have them contact us.

Our observers will sign up for shifts – both during early voting and on Election Day.  Each monitor will choose a location or multiple locations to check during your shifts.  Last time, we had Claude as my backup. Michelle Antalec will be working with me this time, to keep track of problems.

The team of poll observers will report to us as issues arise. We will have information concerning the correct entity for observers to contact for each instance.  Sometimes, this will mean physically going into the voting place to offer assistance or gather information – so have your PPE stocked and in your vehicle. Sometimes, this will mean our contacting the State Democratic Party for information on how to proceed and we will get back to you ASAP.
       There will also be attorneys available – both at our State Party and here, on call, to answer questions and report to the physical location if needed. That said, WE NEED LOCAL ATTORNEYS !!!
Please ask!
      Also, each monitor will be trained and have guidelines concerning WHEN to call the police and I will gain permission to do so.   Let us know which locations you can monitor and the times you can schedule for. Michelle and I will formulate a schedule from your choices and send that out prior to beginning of Early Voting.
     Observers Team will have notebooks for recording all instances and will have phone numbers for both myself and Michelle in case one of us cannot answer when you call.
     Texting is fine, as well as phone calls. Please do not use email because we are likely to be in the field, as well.
     Meanwhile, I will contact both BOE and our local police dept to let them know our intentions and to secure proper protocols. Additionally, I will contact the BOE to let them know. I will also ask them if it will be ok for observers to come in and introduce ourselves and see if there are any problems we may help them with.  AGAIN, please use masks and gloves!
     If you worked with this effort last election please consider helping us again this voting season. We will need ‘all hands on deck’!

To sign up, please contact either me or Michelle Antalec. 
Bettylou: 828-702-7988
Michelle: 423-314-7908

C. NCDP is actively recruiting volunteers to help our efforts
to protect the right to vote across the state. These volunteers will be trained to serve as:

  • Precinct-level poll observers (at their county of residence)
  • Outside poll observers (can be from out of state)
  • Legal boiler room volunteer attorneys
  • Voter Protection Hotline operators
  • Voter Protection phone- and text-bankers

In addition, the North Carolina State Board of Elections has launched a first-of-its-kind poll worker recruitment program for the 2020 election. Poll workers serve a vital role in the democratic process and local boards are straining to find qualified workers in the midst of the pandemic. If you are interested in serving your community as a “Democracy Hero”, please express your interest to the State Board here.

Share our volunteer survey! Anyone interested in becoming an NCDP Voter Protection volunteer can fill out this survey to get connected.

Know a law student passionate about voter protection? Connect them to us – we are looking for law school captains to help recruit law students at NC law schools this summer and fall.

Need to register to vote or know someone who needs help? Share our NCDP guide on how to register to vote in North Carolina.

Intend to vote by mail this year? Share our NCDP guide on how to vote by mail – including the absentee ballot request process!

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D. Helping our neighbors vote via El Centro, from Gayle Kemp:

El Centro got a small grant to register Latinex voters. We have identified over 3000 unregistered voters that we have postcards to send to. Because of its size, 1st class postage is required. We have approximately $300 for postage. El Centro would appreciate donations of books or rolls of 1st class stamp or money to buy 1st class stamps so that every post card can be sent. (Buying those stamps is also a good way to SUPPORT THE POST OFFICE! )
The LWV in Henderson And Buncombe Counties are helping with the work. There are also Latinx volunteers helping in the effort.
Please drop off at El Centro 508 N. Grove St Hendersonville. Someone is usually there between 9 and 4.

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