The Democratic Party Candidates for the 2020 GENERAL election
November 3, 2020 are presented below. 

Below are “official” SAMPLE BALLOTS for District 113 & District 117 – in green, followed by “slate documents” (by district & with candidates’ photo) and then Judge Candidates, in PDF format for your printing convenience; please share!  

-If you know your precinct but not district, go to the list for each district here:  If you do not know your precinct, there is a link on that page or call the Bd of Elections at 828-697-4970.  The difference between 113 and 117 is ONE candidate… Sam Edney for #113 and Josh Remillard for #117.


National Presidential & Vice Presidential Information:
Vice President Joe Biden for President and
Senator Kamala Harris for Vice President.

District 113 – page 1:  local candidates/ page 2:  State candidates.

“Official” Sample ballot for District 113: HERE(Below is slate in PDF).

113 slate.CS

District 117 – page 1:  local candidates/ page 2:  State candidates

“Official” Sample ballot for District 117: HERE.   (Below is slate in PDF).

117 slate.CS.a

page 3:   (for 113 & 117): Democratic Party NC Judge Candidates
On July 29th, the NC Appeals Court Judge Candidates held a Town Hall via Zoom for us and Buncombe county. 
If you want to get to know these wonderful candidates BEFORE you vote… HERE is your answer!    Youtube contents (100 min.):  Introductions of candidates is about 20 min.  
NC state Dem Judge Candidates


~ Federal ~

President:          Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 
Vice President:    Kamala Harris


US Senate:

Cal Cunningham

US House Dist. 11:
Moe Davis, 11th District Congressional Candidate:

Moe Davis

~ STATE of North Carolina ~


Roy Cooper (Incumbent)

NC Senate seat 48:

Brian Caskey

NC House seat 113:

Sam Edney

NC House seat 117:

Josh Remillard 

Lieutenant Governor

Yvonne Holley

Attorney General

Josh Stein (Incumbent) 

State Auditor

Beth Wood (Incumbent)

Secretary of State

Elaine Marshall (Incumbent) 


Ronnie Chatterji 



Jenna Wadsworth 


Jessica Holmes


Wayne Goodwin

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jen Mangrum

~ Henderson County ~  County Commissioner – District #2:

Debbie Roundtree

Henderson County
Board of Education:   (two positions)

Stacey Caskey


Florence Allbaugh

***************    ******************

NC District Court Judge, District #29B SEAT 02:

Mack McKeller – Brevard, NC

Get to know Judge McKeller via his Presentation to PAHC on 8/12/20 – you will learn info about the NC Court system.  His presentation begins at/near MINUTE 8.      Password: g.X0t3g0
Justice begins locally – and we have great candidates!