Concerns about our NC#11 US House Rep, M. Cawthorn (R) and action available.

The below is a ‘paid advertisement’ HCDP will have in the Hendersonville Times-News on January 20, 2021. Below this “open letter” will be suggestions on “what YOU can do.”


Congressman Cawthorn:

    You have failed the citizens of the 11th District.  You should resign now.

     As Democrats, we did not support your run for the U.S. Congress.  We were appalled by the lies that riddled your campaign. We were appalled by your sporting of white supremist symbols and your apparent adoration of Hitler.  But all this aside, there were people who hoped that your youth and exuberance might redeem you.  Alas, this was not to be.

     You betrayed the majority of your constituency when you joined President Trump at his January 6th MAGA rally, stirring up an armed mob of “patriots” already enraged at what they mistakenly believe was a stolen election.  You also boasted about being armed and were heard urging the crowd to their seditious actions.  You relished being on stage with Trump, whose narcissistic traits you seem to share. 

     When the payoff of this very much planned for insurrection was not what you hoped for, and even your former supporters were repudiating your actions and repenting of their vote for you, suddenly you were trying to walk back your own participation in inflaming the crowd and encouraging violence. But adults recognize that words have consequences.  At best, your protests of innocence are an admission that you lack the maturity, experience, and good judgment to serve the people of the 11th District.  Further, you have abused even your congressional colleagues, calling any Republicans who did not support this mob “cowards,” while the mob was calling out to “hang Pence.” 

     If there is anything House and Senate members dislike more than threats on their life and ransacked offices, it is grandstanding junior members hurling insults at them.  They will remember your name, and your irresponsible actions, the next time a bill comes up to build a school or a new road or to repair catastrophic storm damage in our district.  In Congress as in life, turnabout is fair play. Please resign, before the calls to expel you for fomenting sedition come to fruition.

From (and paid for by) the: 
The Henderson County Democratic Party     828-692-6424

Actions Available:

Join in “signing” a petition.  Via Nancy Pelosi here: Contact | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
-or via MoveOn here: Madison Cawthorn: Resign or Be Expelled from Congress | MoveOn

Write letters to editors. Google the newspaper and follow directions for submission. More voices means more attention!

Like and SHARE this site and our issues page (linked below) with friends, relatives, neighbors. Our Issues page that enumerates all the issues the GOP has not addressed for us, their constituents:…/concerns-americans-share-and…/ (GOP does nothing for us.)

Note: More petitions are available on Facebook, Twitter which have ‘remove-from-office’ petitions – in many posts.
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NOTE: If any HCDP member receives personal threats, abusive phone calls, texts, emails, please document the ‘source’, block the number and contact the Sheriff’s office:  828-697-4912. And please let HCDP know via 

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