Concerns Americans share and GOP legislators ignore.

The below are issues upon which a majority of Americans AGREE and GOP Legislators ignore or vote AGAINST.
Compiled by:  Peri David
Dec. 2016. Rev. Feb, 2021.

     The GOP in Federal and State Congresses fail to act on a number of issues ALL Americans (Democrats & Republicans) agree on.  The commonalities of the Americans, as exemplified in the below, need to be addressed.  The GOP in Congresses have put our democracy in danger by blatantly failing in their responsibilities to the citizens. 

    That negligence tears the country apart with legislation that benefits corporations only and appointments that fractionalize us and does nothing to advance the will of the people.  We are one people, no matter our skin color, backgrounds, religions, abilities or challenges and as such we deserve legislators who work for us.  Please see the HR 1 Bill update below.

% Concerns/issues Americans share or want addressed:                             (with source link/url)
66% 2020 polls: National health care plan favored by most Americans, CBS News poll finds – CBS News
70%+ Majority of Americans Want Cleaner Energy From Renewable Sources (
80% Citizens United Poll: 80 Percent Of Americans Oppose Supreme Court Decision | HuffPost
70-80% Read our lips: Americans want to expand Social Security – not to raise the retirement age – SEIU – Service Employees International Union
75% favor a rise in minimum wage. Americans Agree; It’s Corporate Power That’s In Our Way | HuffPost
66% Want more, not less, oversight and regulation of financial companies; believe that corporations pay too little in taxes via loopholes.  Americans Agree; It’s Corporate Power That’s In Our Way | HuffPost
70% 70% of Americans support same-sex marriage — a new high — a new survey finds – CNN
61% Believe abortion should be legal
60%+ … and rising.  Poll: Number Of Americans Who Favor Stricter Gun Laws Continues To Grow : NPR
75% In the News: Public Backs More Infrastructure Spending (
36- 69% Some sort of immigration reform/action. Polling Update: American Attitudes on Immigration Steady, but Showing More Partisan Divides – National Immigration Forum
62%   Abortion Poll: Majority Wants To Keep Abortion Legal, But With Restrictions : NPR   (June, 2019)
63% End war on
67% Two-thirds of Americans support marijuana legalization | Pew Research Center
54%+ Make voting easier.  Most Americans Want Their State To Make Voter Registration Easier | HuffPost
90% Everyone should have equal opportunity to succeed; Equality of opportunity | Lane Kenworthy
51% 51% of young Americans support tuition-free public college (
66% Poll finds most Americans want GMO food labels | PBS NewsHour  (and want country of origin for foods)
75% Believe corporations have too much power and other shared concerns: Americans Agree; It’s Corporate Power That’s In Our Way | HuffPost
90% Government should have checks & balances. Things Most Americans Actually Agree On | Reader’s Digest (
60% More than 60% of Americans believe racial inequality at work needs to be addressed, CNBC poll shows
75- 95%  Nearly all in US want criminal justice reform, AP-NORC poll finds –
90% Want Covid-Relief BillSURVEY: 9 IN 10 VOTERS SUPPORT CONGRESS PASSING ANOTHER COVID RELIEF BILL TO HELP DISTRESSED BUSINESSES | AHLA  PASSED 12/28/20:  Covid relief bill with $600 stimulus check;   
GOP would NOT put before Senate:  Covid relief with $2000 stimulus check.
56% Majority of Americans say Trump should be convicted, barred from federal office: POLL (
2/15/21: increased to 58% Impeachment trial solidified views on Trump conviction: POLL (

UPDATE: January 2021:
Many of the above concerns could be addressed to strengthen democracy, through the HR1 Bill which will be going before the Congress.
NOTE: The Republicans/GOP do not support HR1 which seeks to improve: ETHICS, accountability, solve Citizen United issues of uncapped campaign contributions, support voting rights, end Gerrymandering, introduce campaign finance reform and codes of ethics for the Supreme Court and many more benefits to democracy.
Encourage our legislators to support the HR 1 Bill.

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