Henderson County Democrats stand on Gerrymandering & Voting. Read on…

Gerrymandering. Henderson County, North Carolina. District # 11.

Legislative maps are redrawn every 10 years (after each census) to reflect population changes.  Without fair redistricting rules, legislatures that control state district maps can “gerrymander” boundaries to gain a reliable electoral advantage – ignoring the will of voters.  Since Republicans swept state and national elections in 2010, their use of gerrymandering has been witheringly effective, particularly in seven heavily-gerrymandered states that include North Carolina:

North Carolina: U.S. House Races

Election Year              Republican % of Vote          U.S. House Seats (%)

2012                                      49%                                      9 of 13 (69%)

2014                                      55%                                    10 of 13 (77%)

2016                                      53%                                    10 of 13 (77%)

2018                                      50%                                    10 of 13 (77%)*

*District 9, which the Republicans initially won, was nullified due to irregularities

Let’s work together for better voter access and fair representation for Henderson County and North Carolina! IF you agree, vote for local, state and Federal Democrats on November 3rd !  

<See the map and cited Sources for this article in the PDF below.>

Gerrymandering 9.28

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