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Gun Safety in the U.S.

GUN SAFETY. Henderson County, NC.

The U.S. suffered 39,470 gun deaths in 2018, a violent epidemic that kills more Americans each year than automobiles.   Despite lame excuses from politicians and the NRA, the key factors driving gun violence are well known: easy gun access and lax regulations.  States with an “F” rating (Giffords Law Center) have gun death rates three times higher than states with an “A” rating.  With 1,416 gun deaths in 2018, North Carolina has a “D” rating, and ranked #23 among our states in gun deaths.    

A reasonable compromise to reduce gun violence would require strong protections for gun owners and sensible safeguards for public safety.  A majority of Americans from both major political parties already backs commonsense regulations such as denying guns to the mentally ill and those on no-fly and watch lists; background checks for private and gun-show sales; and a ban on sales of assault-style weapons.  
We can apply these lessons to gun safety, honoring the Fifth Commandment without diminishing the Second Amendment.
We owe this to our families.

Let’s work together for better gun safety for Henderson County and North Carolina! IF you agree vote for local, state and Federal Democrats on November 3rd !  

<See below PDF for cited sources.>

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