HCDP position on Social Unrest

We take pride in our Democratic heritage as a party of spiritual and patriotic values; a party of inclusiveness; a party of diversity; a party of compassion; a party of educational and economic opportunities; a party of social justice; and a party of responsible leadership. (Excerpt from the NCDP Platform Preamble.)
The Henderson County Democratic Party, both as an institution and a collection of individuals, supports the above statement concerning inclusion and equal civil rights under the law.  Many of us are also keenly aware of the the many ways in which The United States falls short and has always fallen short of its stated ideals. If we did not believe that government CAN work for all, we would not be involved in The Democratic Party as it exists today.
      We believe in the rule of law, while at the same time recognizing the manifest ways in which the law has NOT been applied fairly and equitably.  We stand in solidarity with with people of color,  who are NOT seen as equal under the law.  We deplore violence, and, like Martin Luther King, see the value of peaceful protest.  We also recognize that too often peaceful protest has been ignored.  We recognize that violent protest is often the result of frustration and feeling unheard.
We urge citizens of Henderson County to ignore any calls for violent protest, but also to be ready to join hands in peaceful protest.
The Democratic Party is also aware that person of color have historically experienced inequities in the justice system and supports the following reforms as a starting point for rectifying the system. (
Kathleen Gould, HCDP Chair)CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM: We believe that our criminal justice system is in dire need of reform and that our current system disproportionately affects the poor and minorities. We believe that we must reform mandatory sentencing laws at both the federal and state levels, eliminating practices that cause people to remain incarcerated solely because they cannot afford to pay for their release, end mass incarceration, implement police body cameras, encourage the formation of civilian review boards, end racial profiling, and help those who were formerly incarcerated to re-enter society through initiatives that reduce barriers to employment. Moreover, we must rebuild the trust between communities, particularly communities of color, and the police if we are to have safe neighborhoods and communities. We support community policing and oppose the militarization of law enforcement agencies…
(Excerpt from NCDP Platform)

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