The FIGHT for democracy must continue!

Why must we work now to strengthen democracy? 
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” [Edmund Burke].  

What can we each do to strengthen democracy?

The anti-democracy wolf is at the door. We should consider that wolf!   Please note sources at the bottom of the page.

  • 70 million voters (mainly Republicans) love autocracy and Trump.  (a)
  • The disenfranchised voted for Trump and therefore the end of democracy. (b)
  • What has caused this disenfranchisement? 
    Republican economic plans. (c.)

Republicans, through their policies, reward the wealthy while these policies disenfranchise workers and the poor who are drawn into voting Republican due to their repeated lies. (d)(e) 

It is a vicious, yet intentional circle, meant to keep working and middle class Americans voting against their own self-interest.  And it appears the GOP plans to stay on this anti-democracy, pro-racist ‘path’.  

  • How “can [our] nation[s] reverse democratic erosion..?” (f)  With work. Being aware.
  • ”Can a slide toward authoritarianism be reversed?” (f) Yes.
    HOW can we each help save democracy?   Share & defend truth. 
    Share what Democrats believe. (i). Call-out lies each time you can! 
  • “Post” truth on social media.  Support media that support truth. 
    Write letters-to-editors.  Join peaceful protests. Start a ‘truth-phone-tree.’ 
    Help in your precinct. Volunteer.  Share the facts on this page!  
    Support honorable, truthful candidates. 
    Write or call legislators (on topics below)
    : (h) and…then:
Vote! And in primaries!  (g)Join the Democratic party and help your precinct 
Demand voting be easier & accessibleDemand legislative spending disclosures
Demand racial and economic justiceDemand truth from legislators
Demand decency and honorDemand legislators do their jobs (h)
Demand equal educationDemand an end to Gerrymandering
Demand truth and challenge liesRegister to vote   (g)
Demand livable wagesDemand workers rights
Vote to end felon disenfranchisementSupport candidates who share these values (i)
  Right now… Democrats are the only pro-democracy party. 
We need to counter the lies said about us and share (these) our Democratic beliefs:    (i)
Health-care for all     Fair and easy voting     TRUTH
Responsible capitalism             Social Security (not socialism!)
Clean: air & water & energy-jobs    Good! public education
Fair Immigration Laws      Equal opportunity to succeed
Women making their own health choices        
Rule of LawResponsible gun legislation/control       Broadband for all
Justice reform … more rehab, fewer felons       Fair, livable wages
Safe bridges & roads   
     The CONSTITUTION             Democracy! “Of…by…and for the people” NOT corporations.
REPUBLICANS BELIEVE IN :  POWER.  No platform. No legislation of/by/for the people. It is the Party of NO, but YES to: Dark Money PACs, supporting the top 1% and to Trump’s attempt to end our democracy. Concerns Americans share and GOP legislators ignore. – Henderson County Democratic Party (   (h)
Many of the above concerns could be addressed to strengthen democracy,
through the HR1-S1 Bill which passed the House and is before the Senate (S-1).
NOTE: The Republicans/GOP do not support The People’s Act which seeks to improve: ETHICS, accountability, solve Citizen United issues of uncapped campaign contributions, support voting rights, end Gerrymandering, introduce campaign finance reform and codes of ethics for the Supreme Court and many more benefits to democracy.
-> Encourage our legislators to support the HR 1 ~ S1 Bill.

“Because we know our inaction and inertia will be the inheritance of the next generation. Our blunders become their burdens. But one thing is certain. If we merge mercy with might and might with right, then love becomes our legacy and change, our children’s birth right. So let us leave behind a country better than one we were left with… “Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman delivers a poem at Biden's inauguration Amanda Gorman.  “The Hill We Climb”.  1/20/21. 

(a) Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey – study | US news | The Guardian
(b)Josh Hawley Speaks For Millions Of Disenfranchised Trump Voters – Rips Dems For Russia Hoax (VIDEO) (  and: (Additional source on “disenfranchisement”: “Mass Voter Disenfranchisement”: GOP Ramps Up Assault on Voting Rights Across U.S. Ahead of Election | Democracy Now!)
(c) Disenfranchisement – A Republican Political Strategy | A One Man Think Tank
(d) Trump Lost. But Racism Will Probably Win Again. – Mother Jones
(e) Unity will come when people ‘feel it in their pockets’: former Citigroup chairman (
(f) Can a Democracy on the Brink of Authoritarianism Recover? – Mother Jones
(g) Sen. Ron Wyden: The Capitol riots prove we need to strengthen our democracy. That begins with voting rights. (
(h) Concerns Americans share and GOP legislators ignore. – Henderson County Democratic Party (
(i) “Democrats Believe in” table above.
(Additional source on “disenfranchisement”: “Mass Voter Disenfranchisement”: GOP Ramps Up Assault on Voting Rights Across U.S. Ahead of Election | Democracy Now!)

<Peri David, with assist from M. McKay 1/21>

Concerns about our NC#11 US House Rep, M. Cawthorn (R) and action available.

The below is a ‘paid advertisement’ HCDP will have in the Hendersonville Times-News on January 20, 2021. Below this “open letter” will be suggestions on “what YOU can do.”


Congressman Cawthorn:

    You have failed the citizens of the 11th District.  You should resign now.

     As Democrats, we did not support your run for the U.S. Congress.  We were appalled by the lies that riddled your campaign. We were appalled by your sporting of white supremist symbols and your apparent adoration of Hitler.  But all this aside, there were people who hoped that your youth and exuberance might redeem you.  Alas, this was not to be.

     You betrayed the majority of your constituency when you joined President Trump at his January 6th MAGA rally, stirring up an armed mob of “patriots” already enraged at what they mistakenly believe was a stolen election.  You also boasted about being armed and were heard urging the crowd to their seditious actions.  You relished being on stage with Trump, whose narcissistic traits you seem to share. 

     When the payoff of this very much planned for insurrection was not what you hoped for, and even your former supporters were repudiating your actions and repenting of their vote for you, suddenly you were trying to walk back your own participation in inflaming the crowd and encouraging violence. But adults recognize that words have consequences.  At best, your protests of innocence are an admission that you lack the maturity, experience, and good judgment to serve the people of the 11th District.  Further, you have abused even your congressional colleagues, calling any Republicans who did not support this mob “cowards,” while the mob was calling out to “hang Pence.” 

     If there is anything House and Senate members dislike more than threats on their life and ransacked offices, it is grandstanding junior members hurling insults at them.  They will remember your name, and your irresponsible actions, the next time a bill comes up to build a school or a new road or to repair catastrophic storm damage in our district.  In Congress as in life, turnabout is fair play. Please resign, before the calls to expel you for fomenting sedition come to fruition.

From (and paid for by) the: 
The Henderson County Democratic Party     828-692-6424

Actions Available:

Join in “signing” a petition.  Via Nancy Pelosi here: Contact | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
-or via MoveOn here: Madison Cawthorn: Resign or Be Expelled from Congress | MoveOn

Write letters to editors. Google the newspaper and follow directions for submission. More voices means more attention!

Like and SHARE this site and our issues page (linked below) with friends, relatives, neighbors. Our Issues page that enumerates all the issues the GOP has not addressed for us, their constituents:…/concerns-americans-share-and…/ (GOP does nothing for us.)

Note: More petitions are available on Facebook, Twitter which have ‘remove-from-office’ petitions – in many posts.
************ ***** **************

NOTE: If any HCDP member receives personal threats, abusive phone calls, texts, emails, please document the ‘source’, block the number and contact the Sheriff’s office:  828-697-4912. And please let HCDP know via 

Concerns Americans share and GOP legislators ignore.

The below are issues upon which a majority of Americans AGREE and GOP Legislators ignore or vote AGAINST.
Compiled by:  Peri David
Dec. 2016. Rev. Feb, 2021.

     The GOP in Federal and State Congresses fail to act on a number of issues ALL Americans (Democrats & Republicans) agree on.  The commonalities of the Americans, as exemplified in the below, need to be addressed.  The GOP in Congresses have put our democracy in danger by blatantly failing in their responsibilities to the citizens. 

    That negligence tears the country apart with legislation that benefits corporations only and appointments that fractionalize us and does nothing to advance the will of the people.  We are one people, no matter our skin color, backgrounds, religions, abilities or challenges and as such we deserve legislators who work for us.  Please see the HR 1 Bill update below.

%Concerns/issues Americans share or want addressed:                             (with source link/url)
66%2020 polls: National health care plan favored by most Americans, CBS News poll finds – CBS News
70%+Majority of Americans Want Cleaner Energy From Renewable Sources (
80%Citizens United Poll: 80 Percent Of Americans Oppose Supreme Court Decision | HuffPost
70-80%Read our lips: Americans want to expand Social Security – not to raise the retirement age – SEIU – Service Employees International Union
75%favor a rise in minimum wage. Americans Agree; It’s Corporate Power That’s In Our Way | HuffPost
66%Want more, not less, oversight and regulation of financial companies; believe that corporations pay too little in taxes via loopholes.  Americans Agree; It’s Corporate Power That’s In Our Way | HuffPost
70%70% of Americans support same-sex marriage — a new high — a new survey finds – CNN
61%Believe abortion should be legal
60%+… and rising.  Poll: Number Of Americans Who Favor Stricter Gun Laws Continues To Grow : NPR
75%In the News: Public Backs More Infrastructure Spending (
36- 69%Some sort of immigration reform/action. Polling Update: American Attitudes on Immigration Steady, but Showing More Partisan Divides – National Immigration Forum
62%  Abortion Poll: Majority Wants To Keep Abortion Legal, But With Restrictions : NPR   (June, 2019)
63%End war on
67%Two-thirds of Americans support marijuana legalization | Pew Research Center
54%+Make voting easier.  Most Americans Want Their State To Make Voter Registration Easier | HuffPost
90%Everyone should have equal opportunity to succeed; Equality of opportunity | Lane Kenworthy
51%51% of young Americans support tuition-free public college (
66%Poll finds most Americans want GMO food labels | PBS NewsHour  (and want country of origin for foods)
75%Believe corporations have too much power and other shared concerns: Americans Agree; It’s Corporate Power That’s In Our Way | HuffPost
90%Government should have checks & balances. Things Most Americans Actually Agree On | Reader’s Digest (
60%More than 60% of Americans believe racial inequality at work needs to be addressed, CNBC poll shows
75- 95% Nearly all in US want criminal justice reform, AP-NORC poll finds –
90%Want Covid-Relief BillSURVEY: 9 IN 10 VOTERS SUPPORT CONGRESS PASSING ANOTHER COVID RELIEF BILL TO HELP DISTRESSED BUSINESSES | AHLA  PASSED 12/28/20:  Covid relief bill with $600 stimulus check;   
GOP would NOT put before Senate:  Covid relief with $2000 stimulus check.
56%Majority of Americans say Trump should be convicted, barred from federal office: POLL (
2/15/21: increased to 58% Impeachment trial solidified views on Trump conviction: POLL (

UPDATE: January 2021:
Many of the above concerns could be addressed to strengthen democracy, through the HR1 Bill which will be going before the Congress.
NOTE: The Republicans/GOP do not support HR1 which seeks to improve: ETHICS, accountability, solve Citizen United issues of uncapped campaign contributions, support voting rights, end Gerrymandering, introduce campaign finance reform and codes of ethics for the Supreme Court and many more benefits to democracy.
Encourage our legislators to support the HR 1 Bill.

BLUE WAVE TIME for Volunteers!

Each of us can help make democracy stronger… in some way.

Volunteer Opportunities for Henderson County Democrats 2022

If interested please email


We need YOU…

-> To Learn how to help REGISTER VOTERS and about the changes to MAIL-IN VOTING! LWV has a recorded training session on their website LWV-HC-NC ( – go to RED ARROW at bottom of page (on right) – it will show you the LWV videos. Look for “Voter Registration training”.

-> To VOLUNTEER to be a poll greeter for the primaries & general elections for Hendersonville at the BOE (Bd of Elections Office).  Anyone can sign up and the schedule is HERE
WE NEED TO BE PRESENT for Early Voting and Primary Election Day!  
If you have questions call Michelle Antalec. 423-314-7908.  

-> TO CALL VOTERS! Remind them to vote!… to make 1100 calls to registered Democrats to get out and vote. Less than 20% of registered voters vote in a municipal election. Please join us today.  Call 692-6424.  We can continue our Get Out the Vote efforts in a safe way.  Sign Up to Make Phone Calls.  We provide training.  It is simple and can be done from  the convenience of your home.  

-> To WRITE POSTCARDS for our candidates. We’ll make arrangements for you to pick up postcards and stamps (unless you want to provide an in-kind donation).

-> TO SHARE and LIKE Democratic posts on Social Media! We need to spread the word about our candidates and issues that affect us in our communities and state. Help define / defend the Democratic Party!
We stand for truth, the Constitution, rule-of-law, decency, fair voting rights, a livable wage and so much more – please share.

-> TO USE YOUR SKILLS! If you don’t find something on this list, call our office to volunteer and find an opportunity that fits YOU. Call 828-692-6424 or Email us:

-> TO VOLUNTEER A SPACE in your yard? As a large sign location:
The Henderson County Democratic Party is seeking additional large sign locations on private property along heavily traveled streets and roads.  Here are some parameters: You must be in Henderson County, not within a city limit.  Zoning is prohibitively restrictive in cities and have good visibility in both directions@hcdp-admin
Especially interested in sites in the following places:
Fletcher area; Hwy 64 east of Hendersonville (Chimney Rock Rd); Rt 280 (Boylston Hwy) in Mills River area; Hwy 64 west of Hendersonville (Brevard Rd); Hwy 191 (Haywood Rd.); Hwy 25 N (Asheville Hwy); I-26 frontage; Kanuga Rd; Crab Creek Rd; Little River Rd; Greenville Hwy (25 S); Hendersonville Rd; North &/or South Rugby Rd; Hebron Rd; Finley Cove Rd; Willow Rd; US Hwy 25 frontage.
If you have a space, Contact Bob Hartsell, 206-715-0754 or

-> TO GET INVOLVED IN YOUR PRECINCT! Precinct leadership is the heart of the County Democratic Party. We need leaders/volunteers for these precincts. Call us today to learn more about how you can help.  828-692-6424

PrecinctLeaders NeededPrecinctLeaders Needed
ArmoryPrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, SecretaryNorth Blue RidgePrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary
BricktonPrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, SecretaryNortheastPrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary
EdneyvillePrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, SecretaryNorthwestPrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary
Etowah ValleyPrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, SecretaryRugbyPrecinct Chair
Green RiverVice ChairSoutheastPrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary
Moores GrovePrecinct Chair, Vice Chair, SecretarySouth Mills RiverPrecinct Chair, Vice Chair
If interested in any of these positions, please email Michelle Antalec:

-> To be an EVENTS TEAM member. Work with the Event Coordinator to schedule, plan, and implement various events throughout the year.  Examples:  Candidate Forums, Community Outreach:  i.e. Voter Registration Events at Apple Festival, Back to School Events, Holly Party Celebration, Chili Cookoff, Fundraiser Events – Time Commitment: varies depending on event.  On average 1-2 hours a month.

-> To be a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR. Work with the County Executive Officers on volunteer information, building a list of volunteers to match volunteer interests and skills with: Party activities, events, precincts, Get Out the Vote efforts. Builds communication with volunteers to retain volunteers.  Time Commitment: varies depending on time of year.  On average 1-2 hours per week. 

-> To ASSIST on HCDP Newsletter. If you are a registered Democrat and ready to help with the HCDP Newsletter, please send an email to

-> To be a PRECINCT OFFICER. Communicate information to democratic voters in your precinct area.  Planning and communication begins with the Party.  Build a communication tree to share information.  During election times volunteer your interests/skills to canvassing, hosting candidate meet and greets (in person or Zoom), phone-banking, poll greeting, etc… Most all of your GOTV efforts are done through the help and support of the GOTV Team. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a month; possibly more during weeks leading up to an election.  Required to meet 4x year with your precinct (One Annual Mtg scheduled by County Party, and 3 individual precinct meetings). See precincts below. If you are interested in any of these positions, please email Michelle Antalec at:
Precincts that need officers:

ArmoryBricktonEdneyvilleEtowah Valley    
Green RiverMoores GroveNorth Blue Ridge   Northeast    
NorthwestRugbySoutheast   South Mills River   

-> To Volunteer for an Advisory Council. Want to volunteer for a Henderson county Advisory Council position? Democrats needed!
The open positions & link to the County application form are HERE!

HCDP position on Social Unrest

We take pride in our Democratic heritage as a party of spiritual and patriotic values; a party of inclusiveness; a party of diversity; a party of compassion; a party of educational and economic opportunities; a party of social justice; and a party of responsible leadership. (Excerpt from the NCDP Platform Preamble.)
The Henderson County Democratic Party, both as an institution and a collection of individuals, supports the above statement concerning inclusion and equal civil rights under the law.  Many of us are also keenly aware of the the many ways in which The United States falls short and has always fallen short of its stated ideals. If we did not believe that government CAN work for all, we would not be involved in The Democratic Party as it exists today.
      We believe in the rule of law, while at the same time recognizing the manifest ways in which the law has NOT been applied fairly and equitably.  We stand in solidarity with with people of color,  who are NOT seen as equal under the law.  We deplore violence, and, like Martin Luther King, see the value of peaceful protest.  We also recognize that too often peaceful protest has been ignored.  We recognize that violent protest is often the result of frustration and feeling unheard.
We urge citizens of Henderson County to ignore any calls for violent protest, but also to be ready to join hands in peaceful protest.
The Democratic Party is also aware that person of color have historically experienced inequities in the justice system and supports the following reforms as a starting point for rectifying the system. (
Kathleen Gould, HCDP Chair)CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM: We believe that our criminal justice system is in dire need of reform and that our current system disproportionately affects the poor and minorities. We believe that we must reform mandatory sentencing laws at both the federal and state levels, eliminating practices that cause people to remain incarcerated solely because they cannot afford to pay for their release, end mass incarceration, implement police body cameras, encourage the formation of civilian review boards, end racial profiling, and help those who were formerly incarcerated to re-enter society through initiatives that reduce barriers to employment. Moreover, we must rebuild the trust between communities, particularly communities of color, and the police if we are to have safe neighborhoods and communities. We support community policing and oppose the militarization of law enforcement agencies…
(Excerpt from NCDP Platform)

Henderson County Democrats care about HEALTH CARE ! (Read on…)

Hendersonville, NC.

U.S. healthcare is in crisis:

  • Only developed nation without universal healthcare
  • Highest per capita spending on healthcare in the world
  • Declining life expectancy and poor scores on many standard health measures

Over 30 million Americans lacked health insurance in 2019, with millions more underinsured. The crisis has worsened with Covid-19, as unemployed workers are stripped of health insurance and doctors and hospitals face a growing pool of patients unable to pay for treatment.

Republican state legislators blocking Governor Cooper’s proposal to expand Medicaid ignore the benefits demonstrated by 36 expansion states: improved health, lower overall cost, and gains in economic growth and child development. Because of legislative inaction, $1 billion in state taxes each year now subsidize the citizens of these 36 states rather than 500,000+ North Carolinians who would benefit from Medicaid expansion.

See the Statistics, more information and cited Sources in the below PDF.

Let’s work together for better health care for Henderson County and North Carolina! IF you agree vote for local, state and Federal Democrats on November 3rd !  

Healthcare 9.28

Henderson County Democrats care about the Opioid crisis! (Read on…)



Opioid addiction devastates thousands of North Carolina families each year, including many mountain families.  Our opioid death rate exceeds the national average: more than 5 North Carolinians dying each day from an opioid overdose.

North Carolina’s Opioid Action Plan (2017) is recognized nationally for reducing opioid access and improving addiction counseling and treatment.  However, the high cost of treatment means many of us must cope with addiction alone.  Medicaid expansion would provide treatment for an estimated 150,000 North Carolinians with opioid addiction.

Let’s work together for better treatment plans for victims in Henderson County and North Carolina! IF you agree, vote for local, state and Federal Democratic candidates on November 3rd

<See cited SOURCES in the below PDF.>

Opiod crisis 9.28

Henderson County Democrats’ concern for Environment. Read on…

OUR ENVIRONMENT and Climate Crisis in Henderson County, NC

Uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels and a doubling of the world’s population to almost 8 billion over the last 50 years have done extensive damage to the Earth:

  • 85% of our wetlands and half our coral reefs have vanished
  • 75 million acres of prime forest disappeared over the last decade
  • One third of our soil has been lost to erosion, deforestation and agricultural practices

Swift action is needed to restore our degraded environment and slow the rate of climate change.  All of us must play a role, with the federal government leading the effort through research, regulation and enforcement – as it has since President Nixon established the EPA in 1970.  However, by promoting fossil fuels like coal, rejecting the Paris Climate Accords and reversing environmental safeguards, the Trump Administration is accelerating a crisis already spinning out of control.

Let’s work together for better EARTH care for Henderson County, North Carolina and for our families! IF you agree vote for local, state and Federal Democrats on November 3rd !  

This article will give more smart tips on reducing your carbon footprint: 3/upshot/what-you-can-do-about- climatechange.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share

See more information, quotes and cited sources for this position in the below PDF

Environment 9.28

Henderson County Democrats stand on Gerrymandering & Voting. Read on…

Gerrymandering. Henderson County, North Carolina. District # 11.

Legislative maps are redrawn every 10 years (after each census) to reflect population changes.  Without fair redistricting rules, legislatures that control state district maps can “gerrymander” boundaries to gain a reliable electoral advantage – ignoring the will of voters.  Since Republicans swept state and national elections in 2010, their use of gerrymandering has been witheringly effective, particularly in seven heavily-gerrymandered states that include North Carolina:

North Carolina: U.S. House Races

Election Year              Republican % of Vote          U.S. House Seats (%)

2012                                      49%                                      9 of 13 (69%)

2014                                      55%                                    10 of 13 (77%)

2016                                      53%                                    10 of 13 (77%)

2018                                      50%                                    10 of 13 (77%)*

*District 9, which the Republicans initially won, was nullified due to irregularities

Let’s work together for better voter access and fair representation for Henderson County and North Carolina! IF you agree, vote for local, state and Federal Democrats on November 3rd !  

<See the map and cited Sources for this article in the PDF below.>

Gerrymandering 9.28

Henderson County Democrats care about Gun Safety ! Please read on…

Gun Safety in the U.S.

GUN SAFETY. Henderson County, NC.

The U.S. suffered 39,470 gun deaths in 2018, a violent epidemic that kills more Americans each year than automobiles.   Despite lame excuses from politicians and the NRA, the key factors driving gun violence are well known: easy gun access and lax regulations.  States with an “F” rating (Giffords Law Center) have gun death rates three times higher than states with an “A” rating.  With 1,416 gun deaths in 2018, North Carolina has a “D” rating, and ranked #23 among our states in gun deaths.    

A reasonable compromise to reduce gun violence would require strong protections for gun owners and sensible safeguards for public safety.  A majority of Americans from both major political parties already backs commonsense regulations such as denying guns to the mentally ill and those on no-fly and watch lists; background checks for private and gun-show sales; and a ban on sales of assault-style weapons.  
We can apply these lessons to gun safety, honoring the Fifth Commandment without diminishing the Second Amendment.
We owe this to our families.

Let’s work together for better gun safety for Henderson County and North Carolina! IF you agree vote for local, state and Federal Democrats on November 3rd !  

<See below PDF for cited sources.>

Gun Safety.9.28