Poll Greeters Needed!

at Fletcher Polling Site:

Time:  12pm-2pm:

Thursday, Oct 15 – 12-2
Saturday, Oct 31 – 12-2

As a Poll Greeter, your main responsibilities are to:
1) project a positive, enthusiastic attitude;
2) provide basic information on voter rights or direct voters to any Board of Elections/voter protections personnel;
3) encourage them to visit HCDP-give them a business card
4) thank people for voting.

The job seems simple and extremely repetitive, but executing all of these tasks at the same time can be harder than it seems. Make each greeting genuine, enthusiastic, and effective.

 Quick Look-Ups:
– HCDP: 828-692-6424
– Voter Protect.: (888)687-8683 
– HC BoE: (828) 697-4970 

Script: Say something like: “Thank you for voting today. Would you like a sample ballot? Remind voters to get involved with the Party. Hand them a business card.  

Other Guidelines:

1. Ask voters to return sample ballots to you so that they can be reused, which is better for the environment.

2. If a voter throws materials in the trash, you are NOT allowed to retrieve it per BoE rules. Once it’s in the trash, it must stay there.

3. Be careful about discussing the issues/candidates with people who want to talk, even with friendly voters. If there are candidate greeters, direct voters to them.

4. Position yourself next to the main pathway into the polling place, but NEVER block it. Always make sure you are outside the restricted area (usually a 50-foot buffer zone marked by a sign).

5. Keep smiling, even in the face of hostile people. Remember, you are making a positive difference and many people are grateful that you are there. Your calm and polite response to a hostile voter creates a positive impression of both you and the party. DO NOT RESPOND to attempts by people to engage you in debate – this distracts you from greeting other voters. If other people try to challenge and intimidate voters, please call us to let us know what is happening, inform the Precinct Chief Judge, or call the Voter Protection Hotline (1-888-OURVOTE).

6. People appreciate enthusiasm and energy, but NO ONE appreciates an overly aggressive poll greeter. Never wave materials in voters’ faces or chase them down to get their attention. Never respond impolitely to voters who decline materials. Be respectful of voters who just want to get in and get out by paying attention to body language, facial expressions, and eye contact (or lack thereof) as they approach the polling site.

7. Keep your chair and personal items nearby so you can easily sit down when time permits, but always be able to get in position to greet new voters.

8. Remember that the Chief Judge has the final say on everything; do not argue if you are asked to move.

9. Please contact your polling site coordinator if your relief poll greeter is late or can’t make the shift. Keep in mind that YOU are making a critical difference to the success of the Democratic Party.

READY to VOLUNTEER? Contact Cindy E. at: cewmt123@gmail.com

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