Voter FAQs

Answers to 18 important voting questions.  HERE.

    • As you read the (below) list – keep in mind the Board of Elections staff is very helpful and is only a phone call away! (828) 697-4970.

      For information on the below – just click on the links!
      HOW TO REGISTER, please contact the Board of Elections, link & phone # below (above picture of the building),
      VOTING ABSENTEE – is a two-step process!  Please contact the Board of Elections (link & phone # below) if you have questions! Or see our HOME page with Step 1 and 2 instructions – HERE
      ***NEW***From NC Bd. of Elections:  As of Sept. 1:   A TOTALLY ONLINE (no paper, no mailing, no need to take form ‘in’) ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST FORM:  HERE. *******

      Precinct Polling Places for Henderson County 

    • How do I find my polling place? (Addresses below in PDF.) 
    • Check to be sure you are registered to vote! 
    •  How to stay eligible to vote! 
    • First time voter or a student?
    • Where is the Henderson County Board of Elections?
      -> 75 E. Central St., Hendersonville NC  28792.   
      Phone:  (828) 697-4970     (&  Fax: (828) 697-4590)  
    • Where is my precinct? (Also known as “voting districts” or “neighborhood voting”.)  This link will find the voting district (precinct) for you. If you want to be in touch with the chair of the voting district/precinct, please call the HCDP office for contact information (828) 692-6424.
    • Which precincts are in NC District 113 and which are in NC District 117?  See PDF list below.
    • Who are the currently elected LOCAL officials, their party affiliations and end of their terms?
    • Who are my NC elected officials to Federal Offices?
    • WHERE are EARLY VOTING sites and WHAT are the Early voting dates and times?  HERE!  

Precincts in NC District #113 and precincts in NC District #117:

PRECINCTS in Henderson County DISTRICT 113.117

STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS Statement – May, 2020 (This may indicate safety precautions for the November 3, 2020 election).

SBOE - CD11 Release

NC Bd of Elections FINAL 2020 FAQ / Statement on Absentee Voting – 8/11/20.  FAQs_Absentee_Voting_2020_FINAL (1)

Bd of Elections General Election 2020 Procedures
Including Absentee Ballot Request Information
This an Index for the below PDF:

  • Number of Witnesses Required (ONE witness.)  Page 1
  • MAT Team assistance.  Page 1, page 1 mid page
  • Poll workers precinct residency information. Page 1
  • Absentee requests by mail or fax.  Page 1
  • MAT team assistance at ‘care’ facilities.  Page 1 mid-page
  • MAT team volunteers.  Page 1 bottom.
  • Tracking absentee ballots by bar code. Page 2
  • Absentee Meetings by Bds of Elections.  Page 2
  • Blank request forms by mail, email or fax upon request. Page 2
  • Absentee request portal by Bd of Elections – internal tracking. Page 2
  • New felony – sending absentee ballot if not requested.  Page 3
  • Certain prohibitions – sending without request. Page 3
  • Provisional reporting by precinct officials to Bd of Elections. Page 3
  • Reporting of under/over-votes by precinct. Page 3
  • Note:  Due to litigation photo IDs not required at this time.  DMV is required to allow special ID cards in person and online.  Page 3
  • DMV required to allow special ID cards in person and online.  Page 3
  • Public assistance IDS are acceptable IDs  Page 3
  • CARES funding. Page 3
  • HAVA funds. Page 4