Where contributions go

Your local party, the Henderson County Democratic Party, is responsible for identifying and developing potential voters throughout the 35 precincts in Henderson County.

We push to reach out in person, on the phone, through snail mail & email. We provide printed materials and information on upcoming events, training materials for volunteers and packets for them to disseminate. This includes flyers, posters, yard signs, ads, forums, paper, supplies, newsletters, mailings, and more. More importantly, we have a safe space in a convenient location in which to congregate. We do not donate directly to candidates, but instead provide a clearinghouse for their information.

It takes a lot of money to do our work as well as many willing volunteers to do hours and hours of committed work.

If you would like to help strengthen our party, we encourage you to create your own “political budget.” Donate first to our party through the Blue Apple Campaign, then consider sharing your treasure with our local candidates. They, too, have expenses associated with their campaigns.