Henderson Transylvania Young Democrats of North Carolina

HTYD Mission Statement

To provide a voice, community, and catalyst for young progressive voters to advocate for issues and leaders who best reflect their values.

HTYD Vision Statement

An active, organized body of voting youth capable of impacting and sustaining meaningful change in their community.

HTYD Guiding Principles:


The concept of patriotism has been the security blanket of the Right for some time now. What we represent, though, is true patriotism. The Founding Fathers fought, died for, and established a system that allows us the right to build and change our government as we see fit. It is our love, not disdain, of this country that drives us to exercise that very right.


Democracy is the core structure supporting our form of governance, and it will be the primary means for our organization to impact true change. Voting is not just a right for our organization, it is an imperative. Ensuring that every voice is heard is the most comprehensive way to ensure that the needs of the many are overrun by the wants of the few.


It is too easy for political parties to become wrapped up in their own matters and lose touch with the greater community. Our organization believes that the best way to address the issues that concern us is through service. Whether this is running for some elected office or volunteering to help in some capacity, service is the cornerstone of the HTYD.


If Democracy is the core structure of our government, Justice is its foundation. Historically the concept of Justice was viewed to be a balance; the defense against both excess and dearth. This balance informs the positions and values of the HTYD.


Divided we stand to gain very little. A fundamental threat to the success of youth organization in WNC is how challenging it is to find time to organize, connect, and take action. The HTYD sees community as the means by which we can build a network that strengthens our efforts, amplifies our voices, and helps to make us more resilient individuals.


A generation hounded with accusations of laziness cannot allow itself to be marred by impotence. All of our efforts should be directed towards some kind of tangible action, which should be followed through on.


Our area is not known as a safe haven for liberals. Particularly for young people in WNC, it can be intimidating to stand up for our values when relationships and careers could be adversely effected. It is through this fear, though, that many will continue to grab power and enact regressive, harmful policies. The HTYD believes that mustering our courage to fight for our values is not just effective, but necessary.


True Justice demands Equity; Justice that serves only the few is a mere parody of the ideal. Our organization is dedicated to ensuring that all persons are afforded the same opportunities to serve, lead, and succeed based on their individual merits, not on the circumstances of their birth.


If we expect to impact real change, we should expect some resistance. Real change requires staying power, though, which means we cannot allow resistance to overcome us. By holding fast to our values and concerns we stand to show our communities that change is possible.


The definition of insanity is to try something repeatedly and expect different results. In order for our organization to realize it's goals, an honest and sober look at effectiveness is required. By focusing only on what works, we not only respect the time and energy of our members, but we also enhance our ability to realize the values we aim to see in our community.


The HTYD sees Responsibility as multifaceted. Intellectual Responsibility, or the effort to highlight truth and expose lies, is paramount in today's political climate. We also believe in an ethical, moral, and personal responsibility that each member should always hold as an aspect of every consideration.


Integrity is a complex ideal. It means honesty, consistency, accountability, solidarity, and a host of other virtues. The core ideal of integrity, though, is to act in a way that reflects one's values as closely as possible. The HTYD depends on it's members to build, sustain, and enhance the integrity of themselves, this organization, and their community.


A membership fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) is due from each member annually. Alternatively, each member can commit to 10 hours of service in lieu of payment.

Platform for 2016-2017

Health Care

Contact Information

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HTYDNC
Twitter: @HTYDNC
Email: HTYDNC@gmail.com