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Here you will find Henderson County Democratic Party Chair's records from May 2021.

Precinct Training

Review dem turnout from 2020 here. View the precinct partners and clusters 2021 document here.


EOC Meeting Documents

View the April 2021 Chair Report here. View the HCDP 2nd Vice Chair report for April 2021 here

View the May 2021 Chair Report here​. View the HCDP 1st Vice Chair Report for May 2021 here


View the CEC Meeting Agenda here. View the Executive Officer May 18 Meeting Agenda here. View the outline for the issues and policies committee here.


HCDP Information sheet

View the information sheet here. View the filled out information sheet from the Bat Cave Annual Precinct meeting on March 6, 2021 here.


Reconstructed minutes of 2020 County Convention

Owing to the disruption to our normal convention operations, and the disorienting novelty of the large Zoom meeting, somehow the official minutes of the meeting were either never taken or have been irretrievably lost. The following reconstruction of the event is based on the best memory of the Chair. View them here.


Rules of the Day for 2021 County Convention

View the rules of the day here.


First Executive Officer Meeting: April 10

View the meeting agenda and details here.


2021 Precinct Clusters

View precinct cluster 1 here. View precinct cluster 2 here


2021 Office Budget

View the excel sheet of the office budget here.

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