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Jeannie Medlin Elected First Vice Chair for HCDP

In January, Jeannie Medlin was elected by the County Executive Committee to take on the role of HCDP first vice chair.

“I’m thrilled to work with this great team of Democrats and I hope to meet expectations,” Jeannie said. “I love Henderson County. I moved to Laurel Park 19 years ago and I’m still enjoying the natural beauty of Western North Carolina."

Jeannie is involved in many local non-profits in the community, volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem, a Big Sister, and as an interviewer at The Free Clinics and Interfaith Assistance Ministry.

Jeannie grew up in New Mexico and has also lived in St. John, US Virgin Islands, and Pensacola, Florida. She has taught high school Spanish as well as elementary and middle school science. She earned an MBA after working as a marketing director for a psychiatric hospital.

In the past, Jeannie has worked on special events for HCDP. She has also canvassed many times, worked as a poll greeter and served as precinct chair.


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