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County Precinct Meeting Huge Turnout

Organized Precincts are the grassroots basis of the Democratic Party, those precincts build networks and support that are the engine of our Party – democrat voter turnout is significantly higher in our organized precincts.

Henderson County democrats convened on Saturday February 25th for the majority of their Annual Precinct meetings. Approximately 200 democrats turned out for the precinct meetings with representation from 28 of our 35 precincts. 19 precincts had sufficient attendees to proceed with their formal meetings; several of those precincts that did not reach quorum are working on re-gathering, at the time of writing 20 precincts are officially organized.

If you are in a precinct which you believe is not organized and are interested in helping achieve that goal (it involves getting 5 precinct democrats together) the please contact our office.

Thanks to your generosity we not only met our needed sustaining fund but were able to put excess into our Get Out the Vote and Precinct Development funds for this year. Many thanks to our generous attendees.


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