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Our Purpose

Hendersonville County Democratic Party’s (HCDP) main role is to help get registered Democrats elected into office.

We believe in a community built on Democratic values that support, and defend the rights of ALL regardless of demographic status. Building an inclusive community needs us to elect Democrats at local, State and National levels.

HCDP helps identify potential candidates and provides them counsel through their decision, filing and campaigning processes.

HCDP also promotes Democratic values within the community through billboarding, our website, social media and newsletter and by participating in community events.

We welcome new Democrats into the community and strive to build local networks of supporters within local neighborhoods and communities.

Getting Out The Vote

For Democrat candidates to be elected in Henderson County we need the votes of every registered Democrat and a significant proportion of those registered as Unaffiliated.  The principal work of HCDP is to “Get out the Vote” (GOTV), encouraging our supporters to turnout for all elections (whether it be a Presidential year, a Mid-term year or a Municipals year).  Only by getting Democrat voters to the polls can we see Democrats elected and start to see the community changes we all wish for.


To achieve our GOTV goals the County party has enlisted thousands of volunteers who get involved through, amongst other things: 

  • Doorstep canvassing

  • Literature drops

  • Phonebanking

  • Sign distribution

  • Informational mailings

  • Text messaging

  • Postcard writing and mailing

  • Event organization

  • Robocalls

Recent Elections

  • In the 2020 Presidential election we made nearly 60,000 contact attempts, reaching 23,000 supporters by one or more of the above methods.

    • The outcome was a remarkable 8.5% shift of the county’s vote toward Democrat (vs 2016). This was the second-highest county left-shift in North Carolina and reduced the County’s Republican margin lead to its lowest since 1976.

    • In an overall very high turnout election, the Democrat turnout increased nearly 10% to a record 79% (Republicans only increased their turnout by less than 6%)

    • Unaffiliated voters also turned out in record numbers and importantly substantial numbers of those saw the benefits of supporting Democratic candidates giving them a record share of that vote.

  • HCDP GOTV efforts supported multiple candidates in the 2021 Municipal elections; happily Democrats were elected into office in the City of Hendersonville and the Town of Fletcher.

Our Organization

Henderson County is divided into 35 local Electoral Precincts. The County Democratic Party is operated through its County Executive Committee (CEC) comprised of officers elected by Democrats in each Precinct, together with some District and State representatives. The CEC elects a 6-person Executive Officer Committee (EOC) who serve at the will of the CEC to administer the daily affairs of HCDP. Various sub-committees co-ordinate specific activities (fundraising, events, GOTV etc).  HCDP operates a headquarters office which serves as a hub for meetings and communication with the electorate.

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