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After the Republicans gerrymandered North Carolina (again), the State Courts stepped in and agreed to new maps for the Congressional District, the NC Senate and the NC House. These maps survived a GOP appeal to the US Supreme Court and are now in place for the 2022 election cycle. 

The biggest change for Henderson County is that several Precincts have changed their NC House district (between 113 and 117).

North Carolina Congressional Districts

Congressional Districts.JPG

NC HOUSE Districts 113 & 117

NC House.png
6 Precincts moved OUT of NC 113 into NC 117
3 Precincts moved OUT of NC 117 into NC 113

NC 113 now includes Polk and parts of Henderson, Rutherford and McDowell.
Transylvania is no longer in 113

NC Senate.png

NC SENATE District 48

NC 48 Is now Henderson, Polk & Rutherford

Transylvania and S. Buncombe are no longer in 48

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