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LTE: Covenant School

It was just about two years ago that Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee thanked the Tennessee legislature and the Republican co-dependent NRA for their help in loosening laws so that Tennesseans can more easily have access to guns.

Another Republican, Rep. Andy Ogles, the member of Congress who represents Covenant Presbyterian School in Nashville, where three adults and three 9-year old children were murdered, sent out a Christmas card with a photo of his family with himself, his wife, and two of their three children holding assault rifles, and a caption about firearms stating that “they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” Even though Rep. Ogles lives near Covenant School, he tweeted the standard Republican “thoughts and prayers to the families of those lost.”

TN State Rep. William Lamberth, while confronting students protesting gun violence, asked them “If there is a firearm out there that you’re comfortable being shot with, please show me which one it is.

This obsession with guns just shows Republicans are out of touch with the reality of gun violence. The murders at Covenant Presbyterian School were committed with legally purchased guns, and the Republican led Tennessee legislature is complicit.

John H. Fisher



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