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NCDP Chair Highlights Lt. Gov. Robinson’s Extremism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 6, 2023 Contact: Kate Frauenfelder,

ICYMI: In Press Call, NCDP Chair Highlights Lt. Gov. Robinson’s Extremism Ahead Of His State Of The State Response

Ahead of Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson’s response to the State of the State tonight, NCDP Chair Anderson Clayton held a press call to remind North Carolinians of Robinson’s extreme agenda of rolling reproductive rights all the way back, prioritizing culture wars over classrooms, and spreading hate toward the LGBTQ+ community. By choosing him as the response, North Carolina Republicans have cemented him as the leader of their party and the figurehead for their vision and priorities.

“Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has made clear he doesn’t trust women to make their own health care decisions. He’s made it clear he wants to tell you who to love – and who to hate. And he’s made it abundantly clear that he does not represent our North Carolina values. But this is who North Carolina Republicans have chosen to be their voice tonight, and Leader Berger, Speaker Moore, and every GOP legislator should have to answer for that,” said NCDP Chair Anderson Clayton during the call.

Lt. Gov. Robinson is too extreme for North Carolina:



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