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NCDP Elects New Party Leadership

District 11 Democrats,
Today, the State Executive Committee of the NC Democratic Party met today to vote for party officers for the next two years. Needless to say, many of us were very disappointed with recent election results across NC in 2022 and the two prior elections and were hoping for major changes in the hope to turn this state around as we prepare for a presidential election as well as governor and Council of State in 2024. Well, we voted out the entire group of party officers with the exception of Melvin Williams, longtime and great secretary or our party. Our new chair will be Anderson Clayton. She visited very county during the recent weeks. She is 25 years old and replaces 73 year old Dr. Bobbie Richardson who was endorsed by Governor Cooper, AG Josh Stein, Cheri Beasley as well as many other establishment Democrats. Our new first vice chair is Jonah Garson, a 36 year old Chapel Hill attorney and chair of the Orange County Democratic Party. Our new second vice chair is Dr. Kimberly Hardy, a 51 year old from Cumberland County who is an associate professor of social work at Fayetteville State University Our new third vice chair is Elijah King, a 22 year old from Durham who currently serves at the first vice chair of the District Four Democratic Party. We are thrilled and congratulate all our new leaders. Lets get behind them! Consider a donations or even an ongoing on by visiting and clicking on the donate button. If you have an ACTBLUE account you can sign-in from there to make your donation. Lets show our new leaders how happy we are to have new energized leadership by putting our $$ behind them. Your NC District 11 Executive Officers Leslie, Jennifer, Denise, Karen, Lorna and Julie


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