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Georgia US Senate Run Off, How We Can Help!

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Please see the links below that have been sent to us by the DNC on how North Carolina can help: Out of State & Want to Help Warnock Win The Runoff? Signup HERE To Travel To Georgia! (Click Here) Make Calls for Georgia Runoff! (Click Here)
You can also Text JOIN to 484-275-2229 to sign up for Postcards to Voters, to receive addresses. That’s the number for Abby the Address bot. She’ll talk you through the first steps. You may use any topically neutral cards or order them from Etsy. The name of the shop on Etsy is ToVoters, and the sale of the cards goes to fund their expenses. Or you can order from any of the other card vendors; there are a lot of options under Vote Postcards. Or you can order from Amazon. There’s also They receive half of the profits from that site, and a lot of the cards are volunteer-designed, as are the ones in our Etsy shop, but the ones in their Etsy shop, ToVoters, are less expensive. I prefer the “full-back” cards with an image on just half of the front to enable you to use the whole back for your writing, but whatever you prefer is fine.


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