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HCDP County Convention

Saturday, April 15, 2023 - Henderson County Convention

West High School - 3600 Haywood Rd., Hendersonville

Delegates - You will receive an email at the beginning of April about our County Convention and how voting will take place.

*All Democrats are welcome to join us for the County Convention. 9:30-9:55 Check In 10:00 Meeting Call to Order 10:15 Guest Speaker: Rep. Eric Ager

10:30-12:30 Election of County Executive Officers and Approval and Adoption of Resolutions, Business, and Announcements

*We hope to finish by noon, but please be prepared to stay until 12:30.

Writing a Resolution? Click Here. Send your formatted, type-written resolution to to submit to our Review Team for edits, and suggestions if needed -- no later than March 11.


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