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Hendersonville Pride Hosts Largest Picnic Yet, Featuring Community Engagement and Political Participation

Hendersonville Pride's largest-ever Pride Picnic took place on Saturday, June 8, at Jackson Park, drawing an enthusiastic crowd from noon to 5 p.m. This vibrant event saw participation from more than 60 vendors and offered a variety of attractions, including a bounce house, obstacle course, food trucks, live music, and more.

The Young Dems of Henderson County and Henderson County Democrats were prominent participants, hosting engaging booths that drew significant attention. Their presence underscored the event's spirit of inclusivity and community engagement.

Several political candidates attended the picnic, making it a significant event for local political interaction. Rhonda Mountain stood alongside the Veterans United for Democracy, warmly greeting attendees and ensuring a safe environment amid potential protests. NC 11 Democrat candidate Caleb Rudow delighted the crowd by making balloon animals, adding a festive touch to the day.

At the Democratic booths, Erik Weber, Leslie Carey, Chris Walters, and Steve Martinez actively engaged with citizens, gathering insights and concerns. Gina Baxter also maintained her own booth, further expanding the event's political outreach. The Young Dems attracted many visitors with their prize wheel, offering goodies such as cookies from Foxy Otter Catering and successfully distributing candidate rosters and information about the American Rescue Plan in Henderson County.

In a special honor, our very own Laura Bannister was appointed Grand Marshall this year, adding a notable highlight to the event.

John Pavlovitz's wrote a compelling blog piece titled, "I Went to a PRIDE Event. I Found the Groomers. They were Evangelical Christians." If you would like to give that a read, you can find it here.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped with the Democratic booths and contributed to the success of the event. Your efforts were instrumental in making this year’s picnic a tremendous success.

The event facilitated numerous connections with citizens eager to learn more about the candidates, marking a substantial success in community outreach. The Hendersonville Pride Picnic continues to grow each year, and this year’s turnout highlights its importance as a cornerstone event for fostering inclusivity, political engagement, and community spirit in Henderson County.


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