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Leadership Profile: Dalton Buchanan, Third Vice Chair

Dalton Buchanon performs two important roles for area Democrats: he is chair of the Young Democrats of Henderson County as well as third vice chair of HCDP.

“I first got involved during the 2020 election after seeing a post about starting a Young Dems chapter in the county,” he said. “At the time, I was looking to do something to help make me feel like I had taken action to prevent the takeover of the government from the far-right movement. I didn’t want to be sitting at home on election night wishing I had done more than just vote.”

As third vice chair, Dalton focuses on communications. He creates the newsletter and news releases and also manages the website and social media, both of which have seen significantly increased traffic since he began. His goal is to continue to increase the impact of HCDP messaging through all channels.

A native of North Carolina, Dalton has a bachelor’s degree in geology with a concentration in secondary education as well as a master’s in soil science. While he taught school briefly, he pivoted to focus on science and now works as a scientist for soil and water conservation. He also serves as secretary for the Soil Science Society of North Carolina.

Over the past few years, Dalton has enjoyed meeting different people involved in HCDP. “It’s especially gratifying to meet other young people who often feel isolated in the county. It’s been exciting to see that group slowly grow over time.”

Like many others, Dalton finds that completing a task for HCDP is energizing and motivating. “The act of completing something in the party gives you a sense of control of your destiny. It seems since 2016 a lot of us felt the world was running out of control without anything we could do. That sense of completion really helps to prevent that feeling. I think that’s the biggest tip I have that might be of help for people who are feeling disenfranchised.”

Outside work, Dalton is a big anime fan and would love to travel to Japan. His favorite Henderson County activity is the Pride Picnic.

“I love the Pride Picnic! It is really nice to see people of all ages being comfortable in their own skin and being kind to one another. I especially enjoy seeing the teens with their accepting parents. You can feel the love in those families.”


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