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Rugby Dems & Friends Picnic

May 26 Rugby Dems & Friends Picnic at 3 pm, Mills River Park on Highway 191

Residents of Rugby and neighboring precincts are invited to join the Rugby Democrats & Friends for a community picnic on Sunday, May 26th. The event aims to foster connections among forward-thinking neighbors while offering a platform for local Democratic candidates, including Rhonda Mountain, who is running for the school board, to engage with the community.

The picnic will take place at Mills River Park, located on Highway 191, with festivities beginning at 3 pm. Attendees are encouraged to bring their families and chairs to the Hickory Shelter, conveniently situated near the tennis courts. A blue balloon will mark the spot.

The organizers have arranged for hot dogs to be served, and attendees are kindly asked to contribute a side dish to share. Rhonda Mountain, a prominent figure in the community and a candidate for the school board, will provide updates on her campaign during the event. Moreover, other Democratic candidates have been invited to attend, offering residents an opportunity to pose questions and express their concerns directly.

Fannie, Chair of the Rugby Democrats, and Lyle, Secretary/Treasurer, have urged interested individuals to RSVP by May 22nd to assist with event planning. RSVP can be sent to

This picnic presents a unique chance for residents to engage with local Democratic candidates, share a meal with neighbors, and contribute to the vibrant political dialogue within the community. The Rugby Democrats & Friends eagerly anticipate the gathering and extend a warm invitation to all who wish to participate.


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