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Leslie Carey is new Chair of HCDP

On Jan 19, 2024, Leslie Carey was elected by the County Executive Committee to take on the role of HCDP Chair. 

Please read Leslie's greeting to the HCDP team below:


I am overwhelmingly grateful to be entrusted with the leadership of HCDP.  As Chair, I will continue to work together with our dynamic Executive Board and the entire Henderson County party. We have a team full of dedicated volunteers with copious amounts of enthusiasm going into this election cycle. 


These are exciting times as we have 11 local candidates running! This did not just happen overnight or even after 12 months of work, but from years and years of relentless dedication from Henderson County Democratic volunteers. To continue with the momentum, we have multiple teams and organizational efforts in place to ensure we give one heck of a fight for all members of our community and make sure no voice goes unheard.   

I especially want to express deep appreciation to Michelle Antalec, who will continue to have our full support as she puts all her focus into her US House 113 campaign. Good luck to Michelle and the rest of our amazing candidates!


We are grateful to Leslie for taking on this important job. If you haven’t had a chance to meet her yet, read her profile here. 


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