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LTE: Protecting our Children

The Republican façade to protect our children is to ban books, ban drag shows, ban 16th-century artwork, ban girls from talking about their periods, eliminate the Department of Education, and give public funds intended for public schools to private or church schools, all under the guise of parent’s rights. Also happening, ostensibly to protect our children, is to disparage those who are defenseless or least likely to get public support: trans people, gay people, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, and Blacks.
Republicans give 'thoughts and prayers' lip service to the slaughter of children with military weapons saying that banning guns won’t reduce gun violence because the problem is people. All the while Republicans pass bills making it easier for people to access guns. Because those guns may one day be needed to use against fellow Americans perceived to be deviants of society. Fox News calls it the 'great replacement.' This is the need to secure the existence of straight, white, Christians and a future for white children.
History is repeating itself a la 1930s Germany. Over 400,000 Americans died fighting this same kind of tyranny during World War II. It’s time for today’s Americans of every stripe to be woke: informed, educated, and aware.

John H. Fisher, Hendersonville

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