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NC 11 Chair Message

Hello NC11 Democrats!

The last month has been a busy time for our District and has been filled with events that set our course as we move forward into the rest of 2022. After delays due to the redistricting process, we finally had our Primaries on May 17th. After a long, hard fight by our slate of candidates, Jasmine Beach-Ferrara is now our nominee to be our next Congressional Representative from NC11! I know that I speak for everyone when I offer Jasmine our congratulations on this primary win and affirm that we as Democrats here in Western North Carolina are going to do everything we can to coalesce behind Jasmine’s campaign to ensure that we send her to Washington this fall. I would also

like to acknowledge and thank the other candidates who ran as well. Katie Dean, Jay Carey, and Bo Hess all worked tremendously hard, and the energy and passion that they brought to their campaigns only make us better as we move ahead. We are also fresh from our NC11 District Convention this weekend! On behalf of myself and the other officers of the NC11 Executive Committee, I am so appreciative and grateful for each of you that attended this past Saturday at Tuscola High School. It was such a wonderful thing to be in a room with such dedicated and hardworking Democrats from

our District, to be motivated by the words of our guests such as Justice Sam Irvin IV and Canton Mayor Zeb Smathers, and to work through our party’s business so quickly and efficiently. It was a proud day for me as your Chair, and I am so incredibly grateful. It has been a busy spring, and we have had some big events and wins. And I know that we are all extremely happy that Madison Cawthorn will no longer be NC11’s Representative. But we still have so much wo

rk to do. Chuck Edwards will be just as big of an opponent as Cawthorn, and in my view more dangerous to what we hold dear. Because while Cawthorn is all show, Edwards actually wants to follow through and legislate on the issues he pushes. We must double down in our effort to keep that from happening, helping not only Jasmine win but ALL of our candidates up and down the ballot. And we must stay focused. As always, thank each of you so much for all that you do. Keep fighting, keep pushing, and keep being Democrats!

Matt Ballance NC District 11 Chair


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