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Volunteer Spotlight: Tiffany Councill

Tiffany Councill is a Nurse Practitioner with a long-standing interest in science. She has a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and a master’s in environmental toxicology from Clemson University.

“After college,I took a job at UNC-Chapel Hill in the early 2000s as a research assistant in a HIV lab,” she said. “I decided to redirect my career from the lab to the bedside and I was accepted to Vanderbilt University's School of Nursing 2006-2008 to become a Nurse Practitioner.”

She and her husband, Hunter Councill, moved to the area about 14 years ago. As a forever student of biology, she especially enjoys going to Hendersonville’s Garden Jubilee each year.

Tiffany began volunteering with HCDP this spring to help local Democratic efforts to promote values such as affordable health care, freedom from gun violence, and a healthy environment. She’s already made an impact as a reliable, cheerful and welcoming presence at key events such as the Henderson County Convention and the May 13 Meet-and-Greet with Jonah Garson, 2nd vice chair of the NC state party.

In addition to helping with events, Tiffany has done phone banking for the North Mills River precinct. She is now making plans to take the next step and run for Mills River Town Council.

Thank you, Tiffany, for stepping up and accepting this challenge! We look forward to supporting you all the way.


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