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Billboards And Large Signs are up!

Our messaging teams have been hard at work over the past year and many of you have noticed the billboards and large signs across the county. If you would like to find all the signs across the county we have compiled a list of sign and billboard locations below.

Billboard Locations

  1. Medicare/Social Security on 64 traveling east before you get to WHKP station.

  2. Taxes - Hwy 176 coming into town right before reaching Shepard Street.

  3. Veto Power - 25S at the Balfour School facility on the right.

  4. We have candidate ads and messaging ads in rotation on the WHKP digital billboard.

Large Sign Locations

  1. 3315 Spartanburg Hwy Flat Rock

  2. 1501 Carleton Terrace Hendersonville

  3. 305 Upward Road Hendersonville

  4. 151 Banner Farm Rd Mills River

  5. 5426 Asheville Hwy Arden

  6. 2518 Brevard Road Hendersonville

  7. 103 Chariton Ave Hendersonville

  8. 2428 Bearwallow Rd Hendersonville

We are also on the continual lookout for new places to put large signs. If you own or know someone who owns property next to a busy road that would be a good place for a large sign please reach out to us at


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