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Leadership Spotlight

Toryn Stewart is HCDP's new secretary after being elected by the County Executive Committee on June 3. Toryn has lived in Henderson County for two years, and has been a lifelong Democrat since the first time she voted, in 1992 for Bill Clinton.

She and her husband Frank are chair and co-chair of the Southwest Precinct and they have loved making new friends by volunteering with the Henderson County Democratic Party. She feels that it is important for us, as Democrats, to be visible in the community and make our voices heard. She has enjoyed representing the Democrats at events such as the Apple Festival and the July 4th Parade. Her favorite part about HCDP is going to events like breakfasts and happy hours because it's a great chance to connect with other people who share similar interests and viewpoints.

Toryn works for MAHEC in Asheville as a Project Manager on the Maternal Health Innovations team, and looks forward to putting her extensive administrative background to use for HCDP. She grew up in Connecticut, went to college at Syracuse University, and moved to Charlotte, NC in 2000, then Asheville in 2017, before moving to the Osceola Lake area of Hendersonville.

When she isn't working or volunteering, her hobbies include spending time with her three cats and dog, and attending live music and theater. Her favorite local restaurants are Marino's, Pop's Diner, and Bakers Box. She also has a huge Simpsons collection, including a pinball machine from 1990.


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