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Come Rally With Us

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Join us April 23rd

Join us at our next monthly Rally, April 23rd at 4pm until 5pm. Boyd Park - Main Street side across from Pop's Diner. We will line up with our signs.

(Sign Making - April 22 at our office), 11am to 1pm. Shout out for democracy and hear drivers honk their support.

Safety Notes: Be extremely alert if rallying on a roadway or other surface large enough for vehicle traffic. Individuals choose to rally. We do want you to be safe.

  1. Stay on the edges of the crowd & listen/watch for traffic: i.e. unusual vehicles, revving engines and/or squealing tires.

  2. Look for other vehicles, telephone poles, or other objects that could protect you from an oncoming vehicle

  3. Move quickly and decisively at right angles to an on-coming vehicle. DO NOT RUN IN THE DIRECTION OF TRAVEL OF THE VEHICLE.

  4. Stay behind the sidewalk. *There are political signs along the walkway. Do not obstruct them and do not move them for any reason.


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