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Jay Carey for NC 48

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

"Jay Carey is a Democrat running for North Carolina's 48th Senate District. As a highly decorated, 20 plus year United States Army combat veteran, Jay is devoted to protecting the individual freedoms and rights of North Carolina’s residents.

Chuck Edwards has failed NC, and Tim Moffitt will be no different. Both have a lengthy voting record of corporate deregulation, voter suppression, and an extreme pro-life agenda. That is why Jay Carey decided to step up and run for Edwards’ soon-to-be vacated Senate seat. With a rogue Supreme Court, the rights of so many different populations are under direct threat. It is critical that we as North Carolinians have the kind of representation that will protect our rights at the state level.

Take back District 48 by sending Jay Carey to Raleigh to be a commonsense voice for everyone, committed to expanding healthcare access, bringing broadband to rural North Carolina, investing in education, and supporting our veterans."


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