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LTE: We must have an accurate understanding of our history

When I have a problem with my car, I take it to someone who I believe knows a lot about the inner workings of a car. Based on accurate information, I want that person to diagnose the problem, and then determine a corrective course of action.

The same is true when it comes to fixing the problems in our society. We need to have accurate information about what our problems are, why they exist, and what steps we can take to fix them. This means that we must have an accurate understanding of our history. Sometimes the information we gain from our history can be disturbing. We may discover some unpleasant facts that we wish were not true. But they are true, nonetheless.

Sadly, today there are legislators who are either proposing, or in some cases have actually passed, laws that do not permit students to receive accurate historical information. Sometimes that is justified by the notion that the children might feel bad. Sometimes they just want to present an inaccurate view of history that better fits their ideological preconceptions.

If we are not willing to face our true history, we will not be prepared to make the necessary corrections.

Duane Johnson, Hendersonville


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